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For two years Juneville worked on the realization of Obey the Heart, the successor of the much acclaimed album In the Garden (2016). With this collection of new songs, the band shows a much more extraverted side.

Singer/writer Pieter Nabbe: “Our debut was an introspective, melancholy and very personal record. With this second album we have opened up the window to the world, and just like everyone else, we notice that there are a lot of things happening that aren’t right.

This fresh view of the world has resulted in an eclectic album that explores the deepest corners of the musical spectrum, varying from swampy blues rock to a stately piano ballad, from a one chord passionate rock song to a beatle-esque modulated pop song.

The title of the album is named after a poem by the American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson: Give all to love and obey the heart!

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